ERRU reporting
Reporting is not only a legal obligation to ensure that ERRU is accountable for the decisions we make on behalf of Albanian society. Reporting to the Assembly of Albania and the Council of Ministers also gives us the opportunity to comment on developments and policies in the sector as well as give recommendations. Furthermore, we consider reporting essential to achieving our objective of creating a transparent regulatory environment and keeping the public informed. We believe that placing operators under public scrutiny is a strong incentive for them to provide better services. 

ERRU regularly publishes the following reports:

Annual Reports
Since the first year of its creation, the Water Regulatory Authority has submitted an Annual Report to the Assembly of Albania and the Council of Ministers. This report summarizes the work done in the past year and activities planned for the next year, as well as the current situation of the Water and Sewerage Sector in Albania and recommendations for necessary actions to be taken by the government.

Performance Report

Performance reporting was introduced by ERRU in 2011 with the aim of enabling all stakeholders and the general public to understand and compare the performance of each operator. By analyzing the performance of individual operators and comparing them with other operators, we and companies can identify opportunities for further improvement. Public reporting of performance allows us to implement an element of comparative competition in an otherwise entirely monopolistic sector and which incentivizes improved service uptake. The publication of ERRU's Annual Report and Performance Report aims to provide an independent and objective picture as well as an individual analysis of companies' performance measured on the basis of a series of performance indicators selected by ERRU.

More information on our performance monitoring and the key performance indicators we use can be found here këtu.

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