The Water Regulatory Authority plays an essential role in determining the policy of UK service charges, guiding the sector towards cost recovery and, in parallel, protecting the interest of consumers in relation to the conditions, quality, continuity, and affordability of the service.

Based on the powers given by law No. 8102 dated 28.03.1996, amended, ERRU has defined the rules for the application, review and approval of tariffs for the water supply service, removal and treatment of polluted water.

ERRU determines the methodology for calculating retail and wholesale water tariffs for public consumption, for the removal of polluted waters and their treatment. In accordance with the government policy for the development of the sector and the EU Water Directives, the main goal for this sector is to achieve full cost recovery. ERRU must assure consumers that the fees they pay are based on the necessary and reasonable costs for the services provided. The aim of ERRU is the immediate coverage of operation and maintenance costs, while the coverage of total costs is a more distant objective. The tariff policy followed by ERRU includes a gradual increase in tariffs in the following years, provided that any increase is reflected by improvements in the performance of services. Operators choose the tariff structure taking into account the objectives of the tariff policy.