The Methodology for Setting Tariffs for the water supply service and the removal and treatment of polluted water defines the principles and procedures for the tariff structure for these services. This methodology creates a direct link between the change of tariffs and the performance of the companies, in order to increase the efficiency in the provision of services, increase the management efficiency and improve the service to the customer. As a rule, tariffs can be changed only once a year, at the request of the licensed operator, or at the recommendation of ERRU. An operator can apply for a tariff change even for a time interval of 2-5 years, if it has an approved mid-term professional business plan promoting early planning.

In addition, you can download: KKRR decision no. 539, dated 12/30/2021 "On the approval of the Methodology and Procedure for the Approval of Water and Sewerage Service Fees".

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Vendimin e KKRR nr. 539, datë 30/12/2021 “Për miratimin e Metodologjisë dhe Procedurës për Miratimin e Tarifave të Shërbimeve Ujësjellës Kanalizime“.