ERRU is an independent public institution that regulates the water supply and sewerage sector in Albania, created by law 8102 dt. 28.03.1996, amended, to ensure the guarantee and protection of public interests and to create a transparent regulatory environment.

We exercise the following functions and powers:

  1. We license natural or legal persons that provide water supply and sewerage services for public benefit;
  2. We ensure that the operators provide you with good quality and efficient services at a reasonable price;
  3. We determine the service fees, in order to ensure the financial stability of the operators as well as their affordability by customers;
  4. We monitor the performance of operators by ensuring the implementation of measures to protect the interests of consumers and promoting the continuous progress of the service, through the establishment of efficient and challenging objectives;
  5. We ensure that operators do the best for customers and the environment in the long term;
  6. We analyze consumer complaints and support them in resolving them between consumers and operators;
  7. We contribute with our comments in all important processes in the sector, such as in the drafting of strategies, policies and national legislation for the water and sewerage sector;
  8. We regularly compile and make available information on the water and sewerage sector for all actors in the sector and the general public, e.g. through Annual and Performance reports.

For further information on our legal mandate please refer to law no. 8102 dated 28.03.1996 "On the regulatory framework of the sector of water supply and waste water treatment", as amended.