ERRU was created in 1998, based on law no. 8102, dated 28.03.1996 as amended. We are an independent public institution and are directly responsible to the Council of Ministers and the Assembly of Albania, to whom we report regularly through the Annual Report, submitted in January. The Council of Ministers through the Selection Team after a selective process appoints the Chairman and members of the National Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Our organizational structure (as shown below) was approved by the decision of the Assembly of Albania no. 33/2022. KKRR consists of the President of ERRU, who is the executive director, and four members. KKRR meets regularly throughout the year to make decisions regarding all ERRU functions and tasks.

The organizational structure also includes:

  • A General Secretary
  • A Technical-Economic Directorate composed of three sectors, the Technical and License Sector, the Economic and Tariff Sector and the Monitoring and Performance Sector;
  • A Legal and Consumer Directorate consisting of two sectors, the Legal Sector and the Public and Consumer Relations Sector;
  • The Directorate of Support Services consisting of the Human Resources and Financial Sector and the Services Sector;