The application procedure for a new license or renewal/or addition to an existing license is as follows:

Natural or legal persons, who seek to be provided with a license for one or more categories, must submit to ERRU, by mail or by hand (in person) all the necessary documentation according to VKM no. 958 dated 06.05.2009 and the Licensing Regulation (approved by decision of KKRR no. 29 dated 08.12.2009, amended).

If there are deficiencies in the documentation brought by the subject, then ERRU notifies the applicant by means of a letter, telephone or email to complete the documentation.

The application procedure starts after the complete documentation has been submitted, after this moment the technical sector of ERRU prepares a report which it submits to the National Regulatory Commission.

The National Regulatory Commission examines the documents according to

Aplikuesi i cili është pajisur me licencë duhet të zbatojë kushtet e licencës të miratuara me Vendimin Nr.50, datë 30.12.2013

ERRU i shqyrton këto dokumenta brenda 30 ditëve nga protokollimi i dokumentacionit