A financially sustainable water and sewerage sector that provides high quality and affordable services to all consumers.


To ensure that service providers deliver the best possible quality, at a reasonable price and in a financially sustainable manner. How will we achieve it:

Through the regulation of service providers in the water-sewage sector in Albania, in accordance with our legal mandate and the aim to achieve the highest level in our regulatory role.

Consumer protection is at the core of our work. We put in place incentives that encourage efficiency and service delivery improvements for the benefit of customers, and act as mediators in complaints procedures.

By achieving the goal of supporting water and sewerage companies to achieve financial sustainability and using benchmarks to set challenging but achievable performance targets.

By taking into account the views of all actors and interacting with all interested parties to promote the development of the water-sewage sector.

By fulfilling our regulatory role in a transparent, predictable and non-discriminatory manner.

Through information about the current situation of water services and an analysis of developments in the sector. We promote best practices whenever possible.


Reporting is not only a legal obligation to ensure that ERRU is accountable for the decisions we make on behalf of Albanian society. Reporting to the Assembly of Albania and the Council of Ministers also gives us the opportunity to comment on developments and policies in the sector as well as give recommendations. We consider reporting essential to achieving our objective of creating a transparent regulatory environment and keeping the public informed.

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