In order to report performance, ERRU has designed a methodology to analyze the ranking of water and sewerage companies based on their overall performance. This allows ERRU to not only identify the best and worst performing companies and publish their results but at the same time encourage companies to improve their performance. This is also a means of reaching a larger audience: the 'company ranking table' for all water and sewerage companies can be understood without the need for in-depth knowledge of the water sector. The public can easily follow the developments in the sector by observing the changes in the ranking over the years.

Following the annual publication of the Performance Report, ERRU annually distributes awards for two categories of companies:

  • Top Performers (companies that have achieved the highest amount of total points in their group),
  • Best performing companies (companies that have shown the greatest improvement in performance compared to the previous year).

The results of the annual classification and distribution of prizes for the winners can be found at Raportin e Performancës së ERRU.