Transparency Program to Water Regulatory Authority

In compliance with Article 7 of Law no. 119/2014 on "Right to Information" has been prepared the transparency program for the Water Regulatory Authority. This program defines the legal framework of the activity of the authority in the context of Law no. 119/2014 on "Right to Information" (LRI). This program is evaluated as a concrete way, through which the Water Regulatory Authority (hereinafter WRA) builds and increases the transparency in its institutional work, under the guarantee of LRI. WRA will update frequently the transparency program, in compliance with the second point of Article 5 of LRI. The information made public in this program aims to generate the transparency of the working activity of WRA's through its detailed reflection in the official website, as well as, in the public reception premises. The transparency program is reflected in columns, text/content, deadline for its publication and the way of making it public as well as the appropriate structure which produces or manages the document. In the content of the transparency program is evidenced the publication scheme, which reflects menus where the document is addressed on the official website. In addition, each document is accessible even in the scheme. The documentation made public, will be updated in its form and content. The WRA's official website is built in the manner that provides information to the public without request in an easily understandable format. On the official website columns are reflected also information featured by personal data identification restrictions due to individuals' privacy safeguarding, etc. The publication scheme is submitted through the summary table evidenced in this program. II. GENERAL PRINCIPLES
Main principles in which relies the WRA's Transparency program are the following:
1. "The right to information" is a constitutional right provided in article 23 of it, accessible by everyone without exception.
2. Presumption of maximal data publication: WRA exercises public functions, as a consequence information that derives by its activity is published in compliance with the legislation in force.
3. The correct Law enforcement and legal provisions regulating accurately the activity of WRA's and respectively: Law no. 8102, dated 28.03.1996, as amended.
4. The information is adapted in plain and understandable language.
5. The supervisory body of public information procedures is the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (now after IDP).
6. The review of transparency program is progressing according the same procedure, through which has made its approval.
7. Public information without request must be as the following:
- Complete
- Correct
- Updated
- Easy in consultation
- Understandable
- Easily accessible
- Compatible with original documents held by public authority

The permitted information for publication is expressly provided in article 7 of Law No. 119/2014 on "Right to Information".
In accordance with this approved transparency program, Water Regulatory Authority makes available for public in its website and in public reception premises, the following information categories:
Organizational structure of public authority;
  • Full texts, conventions which are ratified, Laws, sub-legal acts, the codes of conduct, policy papers, of the manual or any other document related to exercising its functions and affects public at large;
  • Information on procedures to be followed to make a request for information, electronic and postal address for filing the requests for information, as well as the appealing procedures of the respective decision;
  • Information on location of the public authority offices, work schedule, the name and contacts of the coordinator of the Right to Information;
  • Information on education, qualifications and salaries of functionaries, whom has an obligation on the declaration of assets, according to the law, salary structures for other officers, as well as a description of selection procedures, competencies and tasks of senior functionaries of public authority and the procedure they follow to make decisions;
  • Monitoring and control mechanisms which operate with the public authority, including strategic working plans, audit reports by high state audit or other subjects, as well as the papers that contain indicators of the authority performance;
  • Information on budget and expenditure plan for the following financial year and past years, as well as every annual report for budget implementation. In cases when the public authority is self-financed by license fees or any other direct form of financing by its arranged entities, are made public also the documents that show the condition of repayment obligation by the licensed subjects;
  • Information on procurement procedures or competing procedures of the concession/partnership public, private, respectively, according to the provisions of Law no. 9643, dated 20.12.2006, on "public procurement", and of Law no. 125/2013, on "concessions and private public partnership", that carries out on behalf of public authority, including: the list of linked contracts, contracted amount, contracting parties and description of services or contracted commodities, information for contract implementation and monitoring, as well as guides and various policies;
  • Information on services that the authority provides to public, including standards for service quality, a description of categories and forms of social assistance, subventions provided by the public authority and of the procedures to benefit them, information and documents that are frequently required, any other information that is deemed useful by the public authority;
  • Each mechanism and procedure for making requests and complaints, in regard with actions or inactions of the public authority, procedures, through which concerned persons may submit their opinions or to affect in any other way in drafting laws, public policies or exercising the functions of the PA, a simple description of the system that the public authority uses for maintaining the documentation, categories, document forms, as well as the categories of information which is made public without request;
  • WRA, also, creates and archives a digital copy of its official page in the internet supplemented with the information that is required in the approved transparency program, as well as for the methods, mechanisms and periodicity of disclosure of public information, which are made available to the public without request;
  • Acts that contain rules, norms or right restrictions and fundamental freedoms of the individual, as well as with direct effect to them, are made public through the publication or posting on the official page on the internet, within 48 hours of the approval of the act by the WRA.
The information published according this scheme, is updated each time it changes.


In accordance with the approved transparency program, the public authority makes available to the public on his web page and in the facilities of public reception, the above categories, on a special menu entitles "Transparency Program".

The Information and Data Protection Commissioner monitors the enforcement of the law on the right to information, through encouraging the principle of transparency during work of public authorities, especially via sensitizing and informing related to issues of the right to information.
The Commissioner issues recommendations to public authorities, in connection with conception and implementation of institutional transparency programs.

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