Performance Ranking and Utility Awards
For the purpose of performance reporting, the WRA has devised a methodology to rank the Albanian water supply and sewerage companies according to their overall performance. This not only allows the WRA to determine the top and worst performing utilities, and, by publicly displaying their results, to create another incentive for utilities to improve their performance. It is also a means of reaching out to a wide audience: a ‘league table’ranking of all water supply and sewerage companies can be understood without any in-depth knowledge of the water sector. The public can then easily follow the developments in the sector by observing the changes in ranking positions over the years.

In connection with the annual publication of the Performance Report, the WRA every year awards two categoties of utilities:

  • Top Performers (utilities that achieved the highest overall scores in their group),
  • Top Improvers (utilities that have shown the largest performance improvement to the previous year).

The results of the yearly ranking exercise and utility award winners can be found in the WRA Performance Reports.

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