Consumer Focus
Protection of consumer interest is in the central of the regulatory work. According to Law 8102, as amended, WRA has the duty to protect consumers from monopoly prices and to make a fair balance between their interests and operators in water sector.

WRA also operates in such a way as to ensure that licensees act in accordance with their license conditions and thus to protect consumers with regard to quality, efficiency, reliability and service guarantee. WRA interprets consumer protection task for any decision in the interest of long-term regulatory and better society as a whole.

To better realize its functions in consumer protection, WRA has adopted the following documents:

WRA make together Economic Regulators in the Western Balkans, sign a Memorandum of Cooperation
On 18th of May, four Economic Regulators of the water sector in the Western Balkans Albania,...

Press release
Press note for the 2nd European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services. Please download...

Aggregation alternatives in water supply and sewerage sector in albania
Please download the material here.

Bilateral meeting between WRA and ERC
On 8.4.2021 was organized a bilateral meeting between the Water Regulatory Entity of...

Participation in the 4th Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition
On 2 - 4 November 2016 Water Regulatory Authority participated in the 4th Balkans Joint...