Tariff Setting Guideline
Tariff setting guideline for water supply and sewerage services set principles and procedures for the structure of tariffs for these services. This guideline creates a connection between the setting the tariffs and performance of service providers, in order to increase efficiency in service delivery, increase management efficiency and improve customer service. In general, prices may be adjusted not more than once per year, upon request of the licensed service provider, or on recommendation of the WRA. Service providers may apply for new tariffs by introducing optional 2-5-year tariffs which require the submission of a professional business plan approved by WRA and promoting early planning.

Tariff adjustment under this guideline include reviewing the costs to ensure customers that they pay only the justified cost. Also, this process includes the analysis of progress in improving the technical and financial performance, which will lead to increased cost recovery. We evaluate the tariff adjustment proposal, in terms of the performance targets that must be reached by the service providers.

In all cases the tariff approval process should be transparent. Formal process of changing the tariff provides for the holding of hearings, which aims to involve the public interested in this process.

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NRC decision No.42, date 09.12.2015 "The approval of tariff setting methodology of water supply and wastewater treatment and disposal service"

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