Application procedure
The application procedure for a new license or the renewal/amendment of an existing license is as follows:

Physical and legal persons seeking a license in one or several categories must submit to the WRA by mail or in person all necessary documents - as required by DCM No. 958, dated 06.05.2009, and the WRA Licensing Regulation (adopted by NRC Decision No. 29, dated 08.12.2009, amended).

In case of incomplete eligibility documentation the WRA notifies the applicant by letter, phone, or e-mail, and asks them to submit the missing documents.

The application procedure commences once the submitted documentation is complete; then the WRAs Technical Department drafts a report and presents it to the National Regulatory Commission.

The National Regulatory Commission examines the result pursuant to DCM No. 958, dated 06.05.2009, and decides on the awarding of a license.

The WRA examines these documents within 30 days from the date an application is filed.

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