Who we are
The WRA was established in 1998 in accordance with Law No. 8102, dated 28.03.1996, as amended. We are an independent institution directly responsible to Council of Ministers and the to the Assembly of Albania to whom we report regularly through our Annual Report, submitted in January. The Council of Ministers appoints the Chair and the other members of the National Regulatory Commission (NRC). Our organizational structure (displayed below) was approved by Decision No. 34/2016, of the Assembly of Albania, as amended. The NRC consists of the Chair, who is the executive director, and four members. The NRC convenes regularly throughout the year to take decisions concerning all functions and task of the WRA.

The organizational structure also includes:

  • A Technical and Economic Directorate consisting of three sectors, the License and Technical Sector, the Economic and Tariff Sector, and the Monitoring and Performance Sector;
  • A Legal and Consumer Directorate consisting of two sectors, the Legal Sector and Public Relations and Consumer Sector;
    • A Support Services Directorate consisting of two sectors, Human Resources and Finance Sector and Auxiliary Sector;

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