WRA make together Economic Regulators in the Western Balkans, sign a Memorandum of Cooperation
On 18th of May, four Economic Regulators of the water sector in the Western Balkans Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro signed the first memorandum of cooperation, as a framework for developing long-term cooperation and exchange of common practices, information, joint analysis and comparisons of existing water sector regulatory models and performances of water utilities and to set the basis for a regional cooperation program supported by WAREG the Association of European Water Regulators. In his welcoming speech, the Chairman of WRA, Mr. Ndriēim Shani declared that 18th of May is the day when four regulators meet in a table together, but the cooperation between them, dates back earlier. Now, is time to grow further this cooperation between neighboring regulators in the Western Balkan, which are characterized by shared similarities and common factors and also many differences that need to be carefully analyzed. “In our countries, there are also currently regulatory instruments differing from each other, in both content and procedures. A comparison and analysis of these experiences would greatly serve for their further development and advancement, and lead to more efficient regulatory instruments. But, they have one common mission: “Improving the performance and financial sustainability of the sector, and to be guarantee that in a monopoly environment water utilities provide customers with high quality services and away from abuses with unjustified tariffs”.

On behalf of European Water Regulators Association the President, Mr. Andrea Guerrini guaranteed the provision of technical expertise and institutional support in favor of regional regulatory cooperation in the crucial challenges identified and compliance with EU standards. “All the four Presidents are friends and also Members of WAREG, an Association that will always support you and where you can find additional instruments of cooperation, from the bilateral relations with experts, to training opportunities and access to direct contacts with European institutions like the Commission and the Parliament, and international organizations like the OECD or the European Investment Bank”.

The deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Mrs.Enkelejda Muēaj congratulated the initiative undertaken by WRA, which serves Albania especially in the implementation of the aggregation reform.

After thanking the host country for the meeting, three other regulators in Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia underlined that this document marks a historic moment and a special importance for strengthen cooperation with economic and environmental benefits.

The ceremony organized by WRA was attended by representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, the National Agency for Water Supply and Sewerage, the European Association of Water Regulators, the Association of Water Supply and Sewerage in Albania and others.