Bilateral meeting between WRA and ERC
On 8.4.2021 was organized a bilateral meeting between the Water Regulatory Entity of Albania (WRA), represented by the head of WRA Mr. Ndriēim Shani and the Water, Energy and Solid Waste Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (ERC), represented by the head of ERC Mr. Marko Bislimoski. In the meeting was discussed the regulatory experiences applied so far in both our countries, the current challenges at the regional level of the Balkan countries, and stressed the need for further consolidation of cooperation of all regulators in the region. This meeting will soon be followed by a meeting in Skopje, which will be concretized with the signing of a cooperation agreement between the regulators of the two countries.

Both of two leaders were engaged to extend the cooperation as a group at the regional level of the four regulators, Albania, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Kosovo and the Republic of Montenegro, and the (WAREG) Association of European Water Regulators), of which all four are members.