Participation in the 4th Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition

On 2 - 4 November 2016 Water Regulatory Authority participated in the 4th Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition Expo City Albania organized by SHUKALB and SHUKOS. The conference theme of this year was "Water and jobs", a theme that recalled the need for improving the staff management.

The conference was attended by representatives of various levels of management and stakeholders from across the region, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, etc.

"Water and jobs" was a very consistent theme of today because the sector is facing many challenges which need to be accompanied by certified qualified and staff in order to be ready to respond to current and future needs of the WWS sector.

During the conference, was introduced the certification program for executive directors of utilities supported by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the World Bank. Staff certification will extend and in the future, will become mandatory for all employees of the sector where it is noted that from 5649 employees only 1304 of them are qualified.

Also in addition to the main theme of the conference a main focus was given to the water sector reform and regulatory framework with different presentations. Among them was a presentation of the WRA Chairman Mr. Ndriēim Shani, with the theme "Water Sector Reform in Albania and WRA challenges". During this presentation, it was analyzed and commented also the experience of some utilities in the implementation of law for the reorganization of their utilities within the water sector reform.