Tariff Regulation
Tariff Regulation

Water Regulatory Authority have a crucial role in determining the tariff policy of water supply and sewerage service, guiding the sector towards recovery costs and simultaneously, protecting the interests of consumers in relation to the conditions, quality, sustainability, and affordability of the service.

Based on the powers given by the law No. 8102 dated 28.03.1996, as amended, WRA has established rules for the application, review and approval of tariffs for water supply and wastewater disposal and treatment.

WRA defines the methodology for calculating the retail and wholesale tariffs of water for public consumption, wastewater disposal and treatment in accordance with government policy for the sector development and the EU Water Directive, the main purpose for the sector is to achieve full cost recovery.

WRA has to ensure customers that they pay tariffs based on the necessary and reasonable costs for the services provided. WRA's goal is to cover the immediate operation and maintenance costs, while the total cost coverage is more distant target. Tariff policy followed by the WRA includes a gradual increase of tariffs in the coming years, conditionally that the service providers achieve an improved level of service performance. Operators choose the tariff structure take into account the tariff policy objectives.

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