Presentation of the Performance report for water supply and sewerage companies for 2015
Water Regulatory Authority (WRA) presented on 20 October 2016 at Hotel Tirana International the Performance Report of water supply and sewerage companies for 2015 as an instrument of information and transparency to the public and all stakeholders in the water sector. Performance Report analyzes the trend performance of water supply and sewerage companies in Albania highlight the problem and provides recommendations for improving their technical and financial indicators.

At the publication ceremony of this report, participated with an opening speech Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Sokol Dervishaj, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Productive Activities, Trade and Environment Mr. Eduard Shalsi, the representatives of the Water Regulatory Authority of Kosovo ARRUK. Also at the event attended representatives of institutions, donors, experts operating in the sector, as well as representatives of 31 water supply and sewerage companies throughout the country.

Mr. Ndriēim Shani, Chairman of WRA, stated that:
Performance analysis of WSS companies for 2015 reflect a negative trend of performance for the financial indicators in terms of operative and total cost coverage, while the service quality trend does not show any improvement. Still remain quite problematic the increase of expenses and non-professional overstaff in WWS companies, while the non-revenue water indicator remains in unacceptable levels. On the other hand, there is a lack of a physical investment program with the appropriate allocation of funds in order to respond the demands in improving the quality of services in general, and increasing the percentage of the population that have water supply and sewerage service access.
Water sector performance overview for 2015 highlight the necessity in conducting an urgent reform of the sector in improving especially managerial aspects of utilities. As part of this overview, WRA emphasizes mainly the lack of an efficient structure in monitoring and controlling the utilities, which influence directly in poor performance of their executive staff.

Despite problems in the performance of water sector for 2015, in our country it is already well known the fact that there are some utilities that are financially sustainable and provide good quality of services for consumers with a 24/7 per day continuity of water supply, with proper pressure, bacteriological clean and with affordable prices. These utilities not only serve as a positive example of achievement in the sector, but shows the real possibilities that the utilities with a poor performance can improve their economic and technical indicators.

At the end of the ceremony, WRA awarded, WSS Korca for best performance for 2015 and JWSS Mirditė best progress achieved during 2015.