Participation in the Performance Report for 2015 presentation by the Water Regulatory Authority of Kosovo
By the invitation of the Director of ARRU, Kosovo Mr. Raif Preteni, on 14 September 2016 Chairman of the WRA Mr. Ndriēim Shani accompanied by Commission member Mr. Gjergji Xhuveli and Director of Technical and Economic Department Mr. Sokol Kraja, attended the presentation of the Annual Performance Report for water service providers in Kosovo.

The purpose of this event was to introduce the performance of companies for 2015 that provide water supply in Kosovo considering providing a service to the standards set with a high quality and affordable by all customers.

Chairman of the WRA Mr. Ndriēim Shani in his speech congratulated Kosovo Regulator Regional companies for the water sector performance in Kosovo which appears at satisfactory levels. Mr. Shani highlighted the role of the Regulator as an arbitrator which protects consumer interests against abusive tariffs that the customer must pay by taking a high quality service, but taking into consideration the financial stability of companies within the coverage of costs and their development towards a more effective performance.

Mr. Shani also spoke about the challenges of water sector in Albania which is a very fragmented sector with 57 companies where many of them could not cover operations and maintenance costs different from that of Kosovo, which has regionalized 7 companies. Actually in Albania has started a reform in the water sector in terms of the management and division of responsibilities which of course will be concluded in the future with the regionalization of the sector.