The annual meeting between the two water regulators, WRA - ARRU, Kosovo
Representatives of the Water Regulatory Authority and Water Regulatory Authority of Kosovo took part in the annual bilateral meeting on the dates 29-30 August 2016 in Ohrid. The purpose of the meeting was a reflection of activity in the sector of both regulators and discussion of regulatory instruments and their continuous improvement. Among the key issues discussed at the meeting were the process of licensing the operators in the two countries, the penalties for operators who do not perform within the approved standards, strengthening the role of the regulator in this regard. Another point of discussion was the role of the regulator in the analysis and evaluation of investment for operators that apply for tariff adjustment, discussions in both countries and proposals for improving interventions and strengthening the role of the regulator in this regard. Even this year, this meeting stressed the importance of participation and discussion in the spirit of learning and exchange of regulatory experiences between the two countries.