Participation in the 5th International Conference “Regulating Water Supply and Waste Water Services 26-27 May 2016 Ohrid, Macedonia
On 26 - 27 May 2016, a delegation from the Water Regulatory Authority headed by the Chairman Mr. Ndricim Shani attended the 5th International Conference " Regulating Water Supply and Waste Water Services” held in Ohrid, Macedonia. The purpose of this international conference organized by ADKOM was to review the various options that can be applied to modernize the regulation of the water sector in Macedonia with sustainable utilities that maintain the environment and provide qualitative and safe services.

The conference was held in 5 sessions / panels in two days. In the first day, the main topic of the presentations and discussions were the problems that faced different regulators in regulating the water supply and waste water services, especially the affordability of the applied tariffs which will certainly increase in the future. All the participants express their interest in these discussion and exchange their experience. In the other panels were introduced the regulatory experiences of Macedonia, Switzerland and Bulgaria and the organization of these regulators.

The second day was mainly focused to the problems of improving the performance of the water sector and support and development of this sector by international financial institutions and donors.